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Ollie Tots

Dark Choc Chip Breastfeeding and Lactation Biscuit mix

Dark Choc Chip Breastfeeding and Lactation Biscuit mix

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A melt-in-your-mouth choc chip biscuit created by the Ollie Tots chefs for pure deliciousness. They’ve packed in powerful galactagogues – Australian organic oats, organic flaxseed meal and brewer’s yeast. All the nutritious goodies to assist in topping up your milk supply. Fine Belgian dark chocolate makes these gooey and soft straight from the oven, then dense and chewy as they cool down. Our premium pre-made mix gives you flexibility and control. Simply make up the dough, freeze pre-shaped biscuits and bake them whenever you need a boost! Plus, that means a warm chocolatey treat - every time. (Makes around 20 + generous, healthy lactation cookies! )

Ps; Your entire family will enjoy our premium bickies.

  • Dairy free & Vegan

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