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Hand Crochet Baskets

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 We believe that handmade creates a unique energy and bond between the delighted customer and the passionate craftsperson. Handmade is a way of saying that something has been made for you only and is a 'one off'. 
Each basket takes at least a day to hand crochet into our beautiful designs. They are then gently dipped in a waterproof liquid to set the shape and to create a washable surface. In days gone by, crochet work was temporarily stiffened by placing items in a concentrated sugar solution and left to dry. We have now been able to create a strong, long lasting, beautiful piece of functional art for everyday use using modern techniques which we have developed. 
The baskets are perfect for everyday use and will cater for all your shopping needs. They can be hand washed in warm soapy water , rises and hungout to dry.